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Tue Jul 17 19:04:17 2007

I understand. I am pain and surgery free now. The longest in 11 years!! You have to give me you number and we must talk!!- Sheila Ryan - Wisconsin [phone# deleted for privacy]

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>Can anyone tell me if they have been to the Celebration Clinic in Florida??
>And, if you have is there anything they offer that can help ?? exactly what
>do they do there?? I live in Michigan but am willing to go to florida to
see >them if they can help, but I would like to get alittle more information
>first, so if someone could share the experience that would be very helpful?

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>I had my 27th obstuction in May 2006 which again ended in open surgical
>repair.  They did use seprafilm.  I can't say how well it has or hasn't
>worked, as I haven't had any obstruction now for 14months, yet i suffer
>regularly from debilitating abdominal spasms and pain.  If you HAVE to have
>surgery for an obstruction, then it doesn't hurt to put the seprafilm
>inside.  But I wouldn't recommend ever having surgery just for the
>adhesions.  I used to think that was the answer to my pain, when in fact
the >only thing it did was create more adhesions, led to more obstructions and I
>have more pain and problems now than ever before.  My first obstruction was
>in 1990.  I' ve had 26 more since.  I've had a total of 34 surgical
>procedures over the past 17 years.  It rough..I know how all of you feel. 
>I've been on disability now since 2003...finally got approved SSD in 2005. 
>I'm actually hoping to attempt a part time job soon ! and am praying my
>health and intestines work with me to perhaps start moving towards getting
>my life back.  You couldn't pay me to have surgery to remove adhesions ever
>again, unless I was obstructed and my life was in danger.
>I have fabulous doctors here in Chicago if anyone ever needs a

>Take care all.


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