Anyone taking Serrapeptase?

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Tue Jul 17 19:02:03 2007

From: [] On Behalf Of Christine Avendano Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2007 8:50 PM Subject: Anyone taking Serrapeptase?

Hi, I have had nine abdominal surgeries, and horrible adhesions from having an instrument accidently puncture several organs during a botched c-section.  After being hospitalized two times last fall, back to back for bowel obstructions, I went from Minnesota to Florida to the Celebration Hospital.  I have good impressions of the place and the doctor, and my insurance company was kind enough to approve it as an in network benefit because of all the difficulties I have had over the years.  (I think they would like to see me just try and be free of these problems!)  Anyway, I had planned to do a surgery this year, but things radically improved after taking Serrapeptase.  I am taking 90,000 IU two times a day, and have seen a lot of improvement, and I can sleep at night with a lot less difficulty and am off all sleep/anxiety pain meds for now.  So far so good.  It's a miracle right now, and I hope it continues.  The Serrapeptase apparently eats away at scar tissue and adhesions, and I definitely see that happening.  Is anyone else out there on this stuff? Christine

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