From: Heidi (
Tue Jul 3 00:22:08 2007

Hello Everyone!

I'm new to this forum after reviewing it for awhile. I'm very impressed with its content and am glad that there's something out there to help all of us! I agree, we're not alone, which I have to keep reminding myself from time to time.

In 1998, after delivering my second child by C-section, the surgeon neglected to sew up my uterus before closing me up. As a result, my internal bleeding (2 units)'primed' the way for massive abdominal adhesions. It was 'corrected' the next day, yet was constantly scoffed at by the doctors, when I complained of pain afterwards.

Four years later, I had a hysterectomy to try to 'ease' the pain, and remove the ovarian cysts. However, the pain following surgery was much worse. In addition to the burning sensation I constantly have along the scar area, my adhesions pull across my diaphragm, giving me shoulder and neck pain, which trigger my migraines.

I also haven't been able to work (I'm an aerospace engineer) except some minor part-time odd jobs now and then. After being denied by SSI Disability, I decided to hire a lawyer immediately, since my migraines are daily, and am currently in the appeal stage of the process.

I do have a question for anyone out there...Does surgery on adhesions (alone) help? I've been trying to find out as much as I can on it, but its an elusive subject. If so, how long did it help?

Another question, too...I'm in a smaller community. How do I find a doctor for 'Pain Management?' Is it a specialty of practice or what?

Thank you for reaching out and helping others! Sincerely, Heidi

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