Re: we need to fight for people with adhesions!

From: Shali (
Thu May 17 17:44:30 2007

On application for SSDI, USE INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION, not adhesions as the diagosis. I also used a lawyer that specializes in getting SSD for people, and got mine within a year which is typical

At Wed, 16 May 2007, Deborah Smith wrote: >
>Yes I have had adhesions for almost 14 years, and I have had 23
>surgeries, I have been tryin to get SSD for like the last 6, and they
>keep turning me down because they keep saying adhesions arent a disease
>and they don't cause pain, I really think that we all need to take a
>stand and make people see that this is a major disease like cancer. We
>suffer with pain everyday, I have lost my life I can't do anything
>because of the pain and the living with meds. We need help with this
>disease and we need to open peoples eyes. I can't even go and have
>surgery with my doctor because my insurance didn't pay it all the last
>time and he's out of state and his office is wanting 1600 upfront,my
>bowels aren't working my right kidney isn't working, my bladder is
>hurting so darn bad and this isn't fair that I have to live like this
>because nobody believes that I am in that much pain from adhesions.

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