we need to fight for people with adhesions!

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Mon May 21 19:12:00 2007

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We do need to bring awareness to our disease. I have sent emails to talk show hosts hoping to be contacted so that I may be able to bring some awareness to our disease. I have lost it all myself! I have just been approved for food stamps but I have to go through their work force program because I have not been approved by SSD how much sense does that make. I went in for SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income) I am not entitled to that until I get a decision from SSD. SO I called the 800 number to see if there had been any news to my appeal. Not yet they say. I asked how do people get welfare. What does it take? Ive worked out my STD short term disability, Ive cashed out my 401K & IRA, Ive tapped out family members how am I suppose to survive. I don't even have the money for the co-pays on my prescriptions not to mention the $150 for my doctor visit. We need to have a fund we can tap into when everything has been exhausted. There are so many people that have fund raisers why cant we. What can we do? I'm sure if we put our experience and resources together we can do this. I'm sure everyone of us has something to offer. Ive been a travel agent for the last 20 years I can organize hotel, air, car rentals. Anyone out there have anything to add? Please email responses. No-one else can take care of us the way we can take care of each other!   Sincerely, Tammie 

"IAS Admin (Tracy)" <tracy.joslin@adhesions.org> wrote: Sender: shalix@rraz.net (Shali) Subject: Re: we need to fight for people with adhesions!

On application for SSDI, USE INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION, not adhesions as the diagosis. I also used a lawyer that specializes in getting SSD for people, and got mine within a year which is typical

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