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       Just had my 5th surgery for adhesions. I was in such pain and felt and looked 12 months pregnant. The pressure was so bad under my rib cage. I have a very good surgeon but he says he can't really cure me I just have to live with it either by meds or pain management clinic. I'am not into taking alot of meds and I have gone to pain mangerment 3 times I do feel it has helped for awhile, but it always comes back. I haven't worked for some time and and when I did work it wasn't for long, thank god for my husband.         Is there any help out there for our illness? I feel for you all we have a long road ahead of us, this has been almost 15 years for me . I need some help on how to get some ideas on what to do. Can I get diability foe this.          I just turned 60 mind is still young but body is getting tired. Praying for you all. Hope to hear from you all.

                                                               Jeannie in R.I.

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