Re: we need to fight for people with adhesions!

Mon May 21 19:10:08 2007

Turn around time also varies by state. Each state has its' own 'disability determination services', and there could be quite a backlog for them to go through. Yet another factor, on top of the clarity of your files' information, availability of Dr. records, is the general population in your area. I'd imagine that someone in a state with a low population would be approved rather easily, compared to those of us in Cities/States that are very well populated.

And... Hopefully your state is one that has already gone through the conversion to paperless office. As explained to me, during this process, disability determination services are required to scan everything in to a central DB that Social Security has access to, before processing the case. Seems simple, but for every document sent, there was a 3day wait for my caseworker to be able to retrieve it.

At Thu, 17 May 2007, Shali wrote: >
>On application for SSDI, USE INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION, not adhesions as
>the diagosis. I also used a lawyer that specializes in getting SSD for
>people, and got mine within a year which is typical

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