Re: Adhesion surgery with Dr, Redan on Thursday 10/19/06

From: Stacey (
Thu Nov 2 09:50:52 2006

Hi Melissa

It was very easy for me to get in to see him. I called his office, they got me in to see him within two weeks time. His entire office staff was very helpful, they are all very nice. It is good to get all your medical records to them ahead of time, call the office and ask them to fax you one of their releases, that way you can copy it and fill it out and fax it to each of the different doctors or hospitals you have been to releasing your records to him. Make sure you get your health insurance information to them so they can start processing that. That way, once you get there for your appointment all of that is already taken care of and he has your records in hand. The day of my appointment he immediately scheduled me for surgery because he already had all of this. I hope all goes well for you and you are able to get into see him as soon as possible, if you have any other questions feel free to email me or post. Stacey

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