Re: constipation/bloating

From: Ms Lee (
Thu Nov 2 09:52:55 2006

>Has anyone had severe bloating and/or constipation caused by adhesions
>near their intestines?

Dear Jennifer,

Great question to bring up!

A month ago I experienced my first full bowel obstruction from constipation. The Doctors got me thru it and I swore I would do anything to avoid the most frightful thing I ever experienced.

My current problem is partial bowel obstructions and fistula's with my intestines. Over the years I ate what I thought were "non-irritating" foods I believed I could digest. Well.....I also avoided ruffage and fiber for years because of the bowel obstructions.

I was causing and complicating the constipation. They took ALL my food away and gave me a short list of what I could have. An endocrinologist metabolic Doctor came up with my eating plan. I hate to admit it 4 weeks later, but she was right, and I have NO constipation now. The constipation was a combo of wrong foods, pain meds and anti-depressants [all bowel binders]. They took me off anti-depressants not because of constipation but because I no longer needed them. The lack of medical management and decades of fighting Doctors who did not believe me caused me a lot of emotional pain.

Anyhoo, the Doctor gave Sorbitol 70% sugar solution found in diet candy, a 300c shot glass full. I quit taking it because it was causing way to much gas.

But, the diet alone straightened me out, and I want to share it. I am NOT allowed: The diet is HIGH fiber, LOW carb, LOW sugar.

a) Nothing frozen or canned c) No red meat, good carbs, no fat foods. d) No soda.

I can have:

e) Turkey, Chicken or seafood f) Balsamic vinegar dressing only for salad 6) Fiber 1 cereal or any Koshi brand cereals 7) Apples, Pears, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries. 8) Can only have 7,9 0r 12 grain wheat bread 9) Fresh steamed vegetables only 10) Soy based stuff [I eat soybutter 1 carb, tastes like peanut butter]

I take 1000mg flaxseed oil gelcaps to grease the bowels with a vitamin, and I take 2 types of stool softeners which I alternate at bedtime.

For the first time in a decade, I am regulated. The high fiber does stretch the intestine and it does cause some deep aching, but my pipes are working and I just lowered my chances of a bowel obstruction by a lot.

I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks eating this way, but this was the last shot at helping me, surgery is way to risky for me..and I just wish somebody would have steered me down this path before.

Carbs are bowel binders, this is what was backing me up..I was a junk food junkie because I tolerated the nibbles, and thought I was resting my bowel by not packing in food. I was always told to NOT eat fiber and surgeons, and well.....I am here to tell you eating high carb foods was killing me.

It took a week for me to break my carb addiction, but once I did I no longer craved candy, cakes and chips etc....I feel better eating this way and it does get quite boring. But, this diet was to get my pipes working and NOT to lose weight. I can stand to take off another 10 pounds but that is it.

I have to eat this way the rest of my life, but it is my pleasure because I know it creates more distance between me and another full bowel obstruction!

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