Re: Hi from Marlene

Sun Dec 11 20:09:45 2005

I heard that there were clinical trials at one time but no longer in the us. My doctor and his partner used the spary gel on a hand ful of patiens and they had bad results and almost died. please let me know if u get any info about the spray gel in the us. i really want to use it but can not afford to go to another country to get it. Good luck.... vicki

At Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Marlene wrote: >
>Hi again,
>I am also Emailing David Weisman about this. Has anyone out there had
>surgery in Canada, with use of the new Gel spray? We may hit a dead end
>here, and are looking at our options elsewhere. I know about Germany.
>We're giving the Doctors here until after the holidays to figure out
>what their going to do with me.

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