Hi from Marlene

From: Marlene (wheelerski@msn.com)
Thu Dec 8 20:36:19 2005

Hi again, I am also Emailing David Weisman about this. Has anyone out there had surgery in Canada, with use of the new Gel spray? We may hit a dead end here, and are looking at our options elsewhere. I know about Germany. We're giving the Doctors here until after the holidays to figure out what their going to do with me. I am also in the process of a second opinion with the surgeon and a new Gi doc. I'm doing the research now, because I'm not sure anyone here wants to deal with the adhessions. I do have a stricture in the colon that needs to be dealt with, so It would be nice if it was someone that could do both. I'm also contacting the company that makes the "spray" to see where I could go, or if it will be in the US soon. This is something I feel like I really need to be on top of, because I am losing weight and the Docs are talking feeding tubes. I've been only drinking for about 5 weeks due to the incredable pain. Fortunately I am otherwise healthy and have a "spare tire". I'm refusing to give in on this. My husband and I both feel that this could be better. I've been in the ER 6 times in the last month, mainly with dehydration, N/V etc. It's the typical thing they don't think I should be so sick. Anyway Thanks! Marlene

I'm new to this sight and it's been amazing to me how much
trouble adhessions can be. I've been a nurse for 20 years
now, and have even been an Or nurse and see adhessions
first hand. I never realized that they could cause so
 much pain untill I started having major problems in
the last year or so. I

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