Chronic Pain - what should I do?

Sun Dec 11 20:09:21 2005

I am 24 years old, single, VERY active (or was until this started), and have just started a demanding new job.

Following removal of my right ovary (large cyst cut off blood supply) in Dec 04, I have repeatedly been readmitted to hospital with severe pelvic pain. Initially this pain would subside after a few days and I would be discharged - told it was infection, or another cyst that "might've" popped, etc.

6 weeks ago, the pain did not go away so they did a laproscopy and discovered a number of adhesions which they separated out. I was discharged the next day and given a course of antiboitics.

For the first couple of weeks, I was fine and actually began to feel like my old self again. Then the pain restarted. Just twinges at various points in my pelvis to begin with but then got so bad that I was admitted to hospital again. I spent a week in hospital where the only treatment that they could offer was pain relief. I was discharged by a female GYN who said that it seemed that I had chronic PID, needed to have kids as soon as, only real treatment option was pain management and hysterectomy.

A few days later, I had a check up with the male GYN who performed the adhesion operation who said that he did not agree with the PID diagnosis but was not prepared to diagnois anything else either (the laproscopy had shown some endometriosis, but not a lot and as my pain is constant, not related to periods, it is not likely to be this anyway). I felt that I had to argue to get referred to the pelvic pain management clinic and was then sent away with the helpful advice of to continue taking the painkillers that were not working anyway and to come back in a year.

My GP has changed my painkillers (which are still not working) and put me on antibiotics (which are making me feel spaced, nauseaous & tired). basically, I don't know what to do. I really don't think I can cope with this at the moment and I want a diagnosis. I am falling behind at work becuase of the amount of time off I have had and the impact of this on my lifestyle is immense. It is impacting on my friendships and I just dont know what to do. I don;t know when the pain management appointment will come through and in the meantime the pain is getting worse and my GP is telling me that my only option is to change onto stronger painkillers (opiates) which are likely to make me feel even worse because of the side effects.

Has anyone else been through this? What should I do? I am not in a position to have children at the moment (although would like them in the future) and just feel like I cannot cope... I don't want this to go on forever - I just need some answers!

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