Symptoms and drug seekers

From: M. Fern (
Thu Dec 8 20:35:45 2005

I've read a lot of messages here and it seems that we are all in the same situation. I had my adhesions removed in August after a diagonistic laperascopy. I never even knew what they were until the Dr. told me she found them after the surgery. I've never had surgery prior to this but was in an accident that may be the cause of my adhesions. Now, I'm back to my original pain. My lower back hurts all the time, pain in my abdomen and shooting pain through my hand and leg. Whenever I go to the Dr. they act as if I'm seeking drugs and faking the whole thing. I've refused narcotics more times then I can remember knowing they will make me feel better for a short time but also knowing that people will think I'm abusing them. I don't know what else to do. I've had every scan, MRI, x-ray, drug therapy, etc known to man and everyone thinks it's in my head. Now my neurosurgon put me on medication for seizures. I've tried this route before with my pain managment clinic that I can no longer go to because of insurance (of course) and it does nothing. Does anyone out there know of anyone that will believe that I'm in real pain every day? I'm depressed and it's effecting every aspect of my life. I can't believe how difficult it is to find a dr. that understands this is a real problem. Could someone please lead me in the right direction? I need help. This is consuming my life.


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