I almost feel hopeless

From: Ana (ana328@yahoo.com)
Wed Oct 12 19:14:41 2005

I am 24 years old and I feel like my life is always on hold because of adhesions. I had my appendix removed laproscopically in 1997. On April 11, 2002 I ended up in the emergency room in the worst pain imaginable. I had a small bowel obstruction in my terminal illeum. An emergency laporotmy was performed removing adhesions from the appedectomy. Two feet of my small intestine were ischemic. In June a second laporotomy was performed because I obstructed again due to adhesions from the surgery in April. Now, October 2005 I am in always in pain, I dread eating, and am constantly bloated. I was hospitalized in July and again this month. I have found a sugeon that offers possible relief if I have another surgery. I'm facing the decision of having surgery to remove the two feet of my small intestine that were ischemic and remove adhesions. I have no idea what to do considering the fact that there is no guarantees that this surgery will help me. I can't graduate from Texas A&M University because I keep missing school. I want to go on with my life but I can't seem to do that. Please if there is anything anyone can tell me to help me please do.

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