Re: I almost feel hopeless

From: DT (
Sun Oct 16 11:38:12 2005


Your ischemic bowel disease is the most important decision, and from what I've read - you should have surgery to remove that bowel as soon as possible

because of the risk that this section could die - which could result in life-threatening condition.

Adhesion removal is no guarantee - we have all found out that they often come back anyway - I would consider going forward with the surgery for the bowel condition reason. You could get a second surgical opinion if you want even.

Good luck, DT

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> I am 24 years old and I feel like my life is always on hold because of
> adhesions. I had my appendix removed laproscopically in 1997. On April
> 11, 2002 I ended up in the emergency room in the worst pain imaginable.
> I had a small bowel obstruction in my terminal illeum.

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