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From: Erin (
Wed Oct 12 19:14:28 2005

I recently had a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis. Adhesions were removed however endo was not present as i've been on meds to stop it. I thought it was the cause of the abdominal pain i've been experiencing. However, since the surgery the pain has been increasing. It's a severe dragging/pulling pain in my lower abdomen that occurs when i stand up from sitting, when my bladder is full, when i roll over in bed and it has now progressed to where it occurs randomly throughout the day without warning or apparent cause. It's starting to drive me crazy and affect my work. During the 'lap severe bowel adhesions were discovered and i've been referred on to a bowel surgeon. Unfortunately i cannot afford another operation just yet. I'm wondering what will happen if it is left, will it get worse? Will my bowel become obstructed completely? I suspect i have partial-obstruction considering the amount of bowel problems and pain i experience with passing wind/bowel motions. It was put down to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, however the adhesions have been confirmed to be the cause of my problems. I don't know if i should be concerned, should i make sure i have the surgery as soon as possible, will the pain and problems continue to get worse if i don't???? Along with the lower abdo pain i mentioned above, i'm in constant pain around the area the adhesions were found as well as in the area just below and around my belly button. I often feel nauseated, get a lot of head spins (the feeling that all the blood has drained form your head when you stand up too quickly), have normal blood pressure and am constantly going from constipation and diahrrea on a daily basis with sever wind and movement pain. Any advice or help would be muchly appreciated.


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