Re: I almost feel hopeless

From: Erin (
Sun Oct 16 11:36:52 2005


I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I can empathise with you. I have been dealing with pain etc for years, never knowing what has been causing it, the dctors haven't been able to help and i've almost had the feeling that they think i'm a hypocondriact because i'm always complaining of pain and problems that seemed to be unexplainable. But then the adhesions were found! I've lost jobs and suffered terrible depression in the past which has stopped me from being able to get on with my life and find something i really want to do in life. I'm fed up, am stuck in a job i can't do very well because of constant pain and financial problems, have no career ambitions, am in a relationship with a man who will never want the same things as me in life, have no friends and no emotional support for the crap i'm going through. All i can say to you, is hang in there, get as much information on this operation as you can, explain to your uni what you're going through and don't give up hope that things will get better. Someone once said to me "It can't rain forever". Try and find support from anywhere you can.

I hope things get better for you soon


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