hysterectomy now adhesions

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Sat Oct 8 08:47:53 2005

From: adhesions@adhesions.org [mailto:adhesions@adhesions.org] On Behalf Of DBargad@aol.com Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 12:40 AM Subject: Re: hysterectomy now adhesions

I had only a partial hyst and remember now that you have a huge EMPTY area. Your intestines and entire abdominal mass will naturally fill that area.

You could be experiencing pain from that and if you have had endo in the past, the bodies natural healing process will produce endo and adhesions. Did they find adhesions and did they remove them? You are still only four weeks out of surgery. You will be in some considerable pain. I have heard of hyaluronic injections after surgery to lessen the adhesions. You might want to ask your doctor about that. In the mean time, try taking hyaluran supplements. They might just help soften the area. I hope you feel better!!!!!! Yours, Deborah

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