Re: hysterectomy now adhesions

From: sue (
Wed Oct 12 19:09:23 2005

>> Subject: Re: hysterectomy now adhesions
>> I had a total hyst four weeks ago tomorrow. I have battled pelvic
>> pain/endometriosis and adhesions for over 10 years.

Hi, I had a Laparoscopy to divide adhesions at the beginning of May this year, I actually felt a lot better for a couple of months, but now for the last week have been in terrible pain. The GP has perscribed Colofac which is an anti spasm drug, this has done no good what so ever, I am now thinking what am I going to do as I have a job interview on Monday and do not know if I am going to be able to make it! Like you I have battled with the pain for a number of years and have previously had a Caesarian section a Hysterectomy at my request to try and get rid of pelvic pain, and 2 laparoscopys. Where does it end? I have been told by my Consultant that all he can do is refer my to the Pain clinic as it would be too risky to open me up again. He said he did get 90% of the adhesions but the other 10% were too deep down near the Bowel. Do you take pain killers? and do they work for you? I feel at 39 years old this is a horrible thing to live with fro the rest of your life and I'm really scared.

sue himpleman

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