Re: hysterectomy now adhesions

From: DT (
Sat Oct 8 08:56:39 2005


I'm sorry to hear your pain is back - why can't you tell your husband? If family not supportive try referring to your adhesions problem as a "disease"

which it is when you discuss it (i.e. "my disease has no cure") and get one or more of them to read these pages of other sufferers. Print out literature on adhesions. Don't give up. This IS a disease and although the

adhesion itself won't kill you the complications from adhesions can and do kill thousands of people every year.

While in your search for specialist with lysis (cutting) of adhesions make sure that person also has experience in PROPER placement of barrier after surgery (INTERCEED or SEPRAFILM). This is critical. Improper placement of barrier worse than none used at all.

Good luck - also consider pain mgmy should your symptoms get out of control. DT

> Sender: (Alta)
> Subject: Re: hysterectomy now adhesions
> I had a total hyst four weeks ago tomorrow. I have battled pelvic
> pain/endometriosis and adhesions for over 10 years. My hyst was my
> fourth pelvic surgery in the last eight years. When they went in the
> majority of my surgery was to remove adhesions. This is something I
> knew, I had the hyst to shut up the doctors and quit blaming the pain on
> "Female Problems". The pain is still there and I don't know what to do.
> This is my worst nightmare confirmed, I can't even tell my husband.

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