Re: NEW USER: Need Information on Adhesions to consider Surgery

From: Robin M (
Sat Oct 8 08:48:14 2005

Dear Igg, To have surgery or not has to be your decission, no one can make it for you. I became adhesion & adhesion pain free by having surgery in Germany with Spray Gel. It has almost been 2 1/2 years since my surgery there. It is my feeling, if you have surgery in the US, you will probably have reformation of adhesions, or new adhesions, have your pain return in a matter of months, if not weeks or days. I had numberous surgeries in the states, most helped for a few a while, but then the pain returned. Spray Gel is, I think, a sufferers best hope in becoming adhesion free. I know it is hard for most to come up with the money to go, but well worth it. Until Spray Gel is FDA approved, surgeons become experts at removing adhesions, and learning how to apply the Spray Gel, there will still be sufferers. If you would like more information on my surgery in Germany, the Dr, or his contact information, or just want to talk, email me at robin M

At Tue, 4 Oct 2005, Igg wrote: >
>Can anyone please help me with a decision to have surgery or not?
>My backround is that I am 82 years old and in generally good health
>other than arthritis. I had radiation treatments in 2001 for ovariary
>cancer. Also in 2001, I had a complete surgical hysterortomy. I was
>fine for two years.

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