Re: hysterectomy now adhesions

From: Alta (
Tue Oct 4 19:11:20 2005

I had a total hyst four weeks ago tomorrow. I have battled pelvic pain/endometriosis and adhesions for over 10 years. My hyst was my fourth pelvic surgery in the last eight years. When they went in the majority of my surgery was to remove adhesions. This is something I knew, I had the hyst to shut up the doctors and quit blaming the pain on "Female Problems". The pain is still there and I don't know what to do. This is my worst nightmare confirmed, I can't even tell my husband.

You are right, more surgery will likely produce more adhesions. Try looking for a doctor who understands and knows how to treat them. I know that is my next step. I am tired of not having a life.

Before my surgery I also had a colonoscopy, was unable to tell them if there were adhesions but did tell me I had two cancerous polyps (I'm 41). The colonoscopy was painless, the prep was the worst part of it. May I suggest asking your doctor if you can mix the prep with clear juice.

Good Luck Alta

At Sat, 1 Oct 2005, Teresa White wrote: >
>I had a hyst in May last year (vag). I always had pain to the right of my
>navel about 1 inch, then about 1/2 inch under that.. the pain didn't go

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