adhesion removal from colon/rectal surgeon??

From: chriztene (
Tue Oct 4 19:11:36 2005

Have any of you had a good response with having your adhesions removed from a colan/rectal surgeon? I had my GI appointment today and was shocked he referred me to a colon/rectal surgeon who deals with adhesion removal and uses a barrier.

I have been praying for a referral to a surgeon who is skilled in adhesions and was losing all hope in locating one. I told the GI dr. that I felt my adhesions were really not gynecological as they are massive around my cecum/small bowel area.

I have learned from reading this board that it is so important to find a dr. who is experienced with adhesions and who uses a barrier.

I was even considering trying to locate an endocrinologist as they are experienced with adhesions. I asked the GI doctor about that today and he said it would be hard to find one who would accept me since mine is not a fertility issue.

Have any of you had luck with a colon/rectal surgeon in taking down your adhesions? I had never considered this type of dr. treating adhesions??

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