Adhesion diagnosis/new visitor/help!!!

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Sun Sep 25 20:28:53 2005

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Dear kathy, NO, adhesions CANNOT bee seen from xray ct scan or MRI!!! Only by a laproscope!!!!

I went to Dr andrew Cook in Los gatos California, and he is awesome!!!

I had a Dual contarst Ct scan and xrays in ER an Nothing showed up, and I ahd Massive adhesions w\partila bowel obstructions!!!

partial Hysterctomy in 91 then a total in 91 a Gallbladder surge in 99 and the adhesion surge in o3!!! It was horrible untill i found dr cook!!! I feel good, but have had a few bouts of vomiting and constipation in the last few months, but no tugging or pulling yet!!! It scares me cause I ahd to pay for surge myself, and am not wealthly, so if and when I do need another, i hope i am in a finacial position to do so!

cathy Dublin California From: (Kathy in Houston) Subject: Adhesion diagnosis/new visitor/help!!!

I have been treated in the past for adhesions resulting from endometriosis, multiple laporoscopies, myomectomy, and a total abdominal hysterectomy 7 years ago. My last surgery was the hysterectomy. Beginning several months ago, I began having severe pain in my lower right side, which ranges from tugging to sharp pain, depending on what I am doing at the time. I visited a gyn and he told me that he cannot help me, because I do not have any reproductive organs left to treat. He refered me to a gastrointerologist. He performed every test imaginable. (Can adhesions be seen on a CT Scan?

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