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Sun Sep 25 20:31:00 2005

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HI everyone- I went to see my gyn. She took blood tests to test my estrogen levels. I am in the beginnings of Menopause and suffering from severe RA and osteoporosis, estrogen leaches the calcium out of my bones, specifically spine and hips.

I tried to explain about the problems with adhesions. She did an internal, and I thought I would die. She is pushing and prodding inside and outside trying to find either ovary which is so tangled in scar tissue. She couldnt find either. Then she says, I am going to have to try and find them via rectal exam.

She found them, but its a pity I didnt die, because I wanted to. She said adhesions usually present as masses in the abdomen, but since I was completely empty of food, that wasnt the case. I thought the fact that she couldnt find my ovaries by regular internal exam was enough of a sign that I had massive adhesions. I think she may have completely forgotten my case particulars since my last visit. I asked her about getting a referral for myofacial release possibly to keep me from having to have surgery a while longer. She had never heard of it. She asked me if I would print out a copy and send it to her. I will have to make several copies and give them to my GYN, PCP and RD. I havent been able to stand up straight since the exam and my abdomen feels like a wall of concrete. I have been using a heating pad and laying down to try and relax the trauma to that area. So I am worse off for having the exam, and am actually supplying basic information about Adhesion therapy to her. She examined me like a regular patient with a uterus, who is pain free and I think that any doctor that does an internal exam should find a new standard or gentler approach when a patient complains of adhesions or abdominal pain. Now I head back to my PCP to educate her, and ask for a referral.

I am putting alot of faith in this fascia therapy. I think it will work. If anyone has experienced this exam discomfort too, please chime in, Id like to know its not all in my head!! For anyone curious, here is the link the fascia therapy. Yours, Deborah

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