Re: Adhesion diagnosis/new visitor/help!!!

From: Jawana Coleman (
Sun Sep 25 20:33:54 2005

Kathy - Have you been checked for endo since your hysterectomy? I know they tell you that hysterectomy cures endo, but I am here to tell you that that is not always the case. I have had endo removed now 3 times since my hysterectomy. And the pain gets worse each time it comes back. I had surgery in Aug and the DR told me I could hopefully expect 2-3 months pain-free. Well, I experienced almost a week pain-free and while the pain hasn't gotten as bad as it was, it is returning already. I also have adhesions - these do not form after 7 years - they form immediately after surgery, but they do keep growing and condensing over time. You could have formed adhesions years ago and they are just now starting to cause you trouble. I have had every test for adhesions adn they DO NOT show up on MRIs or Cat scans or any other test that I know of. I had all those tests and they came up negative. I was lucky enought to have an OB-gyn who agreed to a lap. He found that I was riddled with adhesions.

Don't listen to the Gastro doc - I have not had good experiences with them. They tend to blame everything on IBS. You need to find a gyn and ask him to check for endo and adhesions - they can sometimes be felt during a pelvic exam. Good luck and take care.

At Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Kathy in Houston wrote: >
>I have been treated in the past for adhesions resulting from
>endometriosis, multiple laporoscopies, myomectomy, and a total abdominal
>hysterectomy 7 years ago.

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