Re: Adhesion diagnosis/new visitor/help!!!

From: Kathy in Houston (
Tue Sep 27 22:02:47 2005

I thought of endo. The thing is, that I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I don't have any ovaries or anything for that matter. I stopped taking estrogen three years ago. According to everything I learned, endo can't survive without estrogen. I am now waiting to get copies of my medical records from the GI. I might go to my General Physican, show him everything, and get his feedback as to whom he believes can help me. I have nothing to lose at this point.

At Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Jawana Coleman wrote: >
>Kathy - Have you been checked for endo since your hysterectomy? I know
>they tell you that hysterectomy cures endo, but I am here to tell you
>that that is not always the case. I have had endo removed now 3 times
>since my hysterectomy. And the pain gets worse each time it comes back.
>I had surgery in Aug and the DR told me I could hopefully expect 2-3
>months pain-free. Well, I experienced almost a week pain-free and while
>the pain hasn't gotten as bad as it was, it is returning already. I
>also have adhesions - these do not form after 7 years - they form
>immediately after surgery, but they do keep growing and condensing over
>time. You could have formed adhesions years ago and they are just now
>starting to cause you trouble. I have had every test for adhesions adn
>they DO NOT show up on MRIs or Cat scans or any other test that I know
>of. I had all those tests and they came up negative. I was lucky
>enought to have an OB-gyn who agreed to a lap. He found that I was
>riddled with adhesions.
>Don't listen to the Gastro doc - I have not had good experiences with
>them. They tend to blame everything on IBS. You need to find a gyn and
>ask him to check for endo and adhesions - they can sometimes be felt
>during a pelvic exam. Good luck and take care.
>At Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Kathy in Houston wrote:
>>I have been treated in the past for adhesions resulting from
>>endometriosis, multiple laporoscopies, myomectomy, and a total abdominal
>>hysterectomy 7 years ago.

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