To Dawn

From: Jen in Houston (
Wed Sep 21 21:54:15 2005

Hi Dawn. I do the same thing as you with adhesions. The pain comes and goes for weeks or months until it finally just kicks in for good. Small intestines and the sigmoid part of the colon are fairly free-moving in the abdominal cavity, and don't like to be restrained in any way. Picture those adhesions as interfering with that natural movement. Sometimes, in the natural process of moving around in the abdomen, the adhesions interfere enough to cause a kink in the intestines, just like you'd see in a garden hose. If the kink stays in place long enough, that part of the intestine loses blood circulation and can eventually die. In some people, this will happen once and they'll never be troubled again. So yes, these symptoms can resolve on their own and come and go.

The trapped gas is also probably due to the "kinking", or partial obstruction that you're experiencing. Anything that narrows the intestine will result in food and waste having trouble passing through the body. It follows that gas will have that trouble as well.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way a medical professional. The above is simply my opinion based on my own research and guidance from my physicians. Hope it helps though!


At Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Dawn wrote: >
>Hi All,
>I have adhesions to,due to a hysterecomy. My story is pretty much the
>same as all of you. I do have a question though..... Has any of you
>had the pain calm down to where all you needed were a couple of asprins
>and a mussle relaxer except for one day a week? That one day a week is
>hell and I do take dilaudid that day.

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