Re: Shrinking adhesions?

Mon Dec 8 07:36:59 2003

Dear Newcomer,

I was diagnosed with chronic adhesions that had 'wrapped' themselves around my fallopian tubes and were making them adhere to the outside of my uterus and all sorts of horrible things. I was told I could never have children, and perhaps IVF could help. IVF couldn't and wouldn't help because they too went in and had a look and found me full of adhesions as well.

Well, fast track a few years, new hubby and lo and behold... I'm pregnant! (ooo .. miracles do happen) .. fast track a few more years, 3 kids later, and I'm at a new gyno's rooms saying "tie my tubes, tie my tubes, no more babies pelase" .. so he went in to tie my tubes and found ................

No adhesions. None

Nothing ............................. Shrinkage? Disappeared? Misdiagnosis? Bad doctors from earlier? Who knows ..... but it does happen and I'm not the only person to have a similar story, although those who are 'fixed' rarely come on and say anything.

So anything is possible ... but do keep us updated.

Midwich Sally

At Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Bea Selwood wrote: >
>A question from a newcomer. I'm 45 and never even had a painful period
>let alone surgery of any kind. I did however have the same iud for 19
>years, although this never caused any bother. No infections,injuries or
>STDs. For about 3 years I have been getting fit with regular weight
>training. Then 12 months ago I began to get a pulling tugging pain
>whilst doing abs. exercises, which got worse during the year, becoming
>a constant 'scrunging' pain in lower right flank. Iud removed. The
>pain has lessened over the past couple of months, but never gone, and I
>began to get indigestion and bloating. Fearing endometriosis or worse,
>I had a lap last week. Apparently I have adhesions, but why did I get
>them? Can weight training actually cause adhesions in an otherwise fit
>person? Can an iud cause adhesions without having PID? The strange thing
>is, my Gynae says there are signs that they have been a lot worse, and
>appear to be shrinking. He says there's a 60-80% chance they will
>disappear altogether. His diagnosis fits with the pain being less, but
>has anyone ever heard of adhesions disappearing of their own accord?
>Great to have discovered your web-site, and looking forward to your

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