Adhesions - Leg/Back Pain? Flat constricted stool? Depression?

From: Pat (
Mon Dec 8 07:37:18 2003

I am a 43 year old with three children. I have had PID many years ago, an ectopic pregnancy, removal of left tube and ovary, surgery to clear remaining tube of adhesions, surgery to clear adhesions again, and exploratory surgery that found adhesions again and some signs of endometriosis.

I have had chronic pain in my right groin, hip, leg for over 10 years. It is an aching constant pain that seems to worsen when my bowel is full. My stool is almost always flat and ribbon-like unless I have taken something to loosen things up.

My pain becomes so bad at times that I have to get all weight off my right side. With three children it has caused me to have countless sessions with therapists and to be on antidepressants. I cannot stay in malls or amusement parks for long cause I can't walk. I have been going to a pain clinic for the past three years. They have done everything - xrays and mris on my spine, nerve blocks, steroids, upper and lower gis, 2 attempted colonoscopies that caused so much pain even with medication they could not be completed, endoscopy which incidentally showed GERD, physical therapy for the pain, checked for arthritis - and all negative I am on Ultram which helps take the edge off when the pain is not real severe. It gets worse by the month, though. Incidentally, I just had a pelvic CT and was told that it showed enlarged uterus and shadows on the right ovary. I'm certain that the adhesions and scar tissue are causing all of my pain. I have to see my gyn doctor in a week. I just don't know what his recommendation will be and I fear that he will not be receptive to all the problems that I have had for over 10 years being caused by adhesions.

I am at my the end of my rope.. started therapy again...on antidepressants again...missing work again...AND NOW HAVE NAUSEA AND SOME VOMITING FOR PAST 3 WEEKS IN ADDITON TO THE PAIN.



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