Shrinking adhesions?

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The say that pregnancy is good for a lot of things as it stretches a lot out, so this may have happened with you (they could have broken apart and the body absorbed them(?) Or you may have never had them, who knows. I received my adhesions from my first c-section. When I was in labor with my second, they had to perform another C-section and low and behold, bar my son being 9 1/2 pounds, but when they cut me open they could not even locate the uterus(!) due to all the adhesions surrounding it and covering it. Needless to say, it was a LONG surgery, one where they had to push on my son's butt to try to push the uterus through the adhesion mess so they could pull it out. It all turned out okay, but of course now I'm a mess inside and have had a hysterectomy and more adhesion related problems. It also took me over 4 years to get pregnant, but I am so thankful I did. Everyone is so different, and every body reacts differently to things.

But you are truly blessed to be adhesion free and have 3 wonderful kids!! Congratulations!

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Dear Newcomer,

I was diagnosed with chronic adhesions that had 'wrapped' themselves around my fallopian tubes and were making them adhere to the outside of my uterus and all sorts of horrible things. I was told I could never have children, and perhaps IVF could help. IVF couldn't and wouldn't help because they too went in and had a look and found me full of adhesions as well.

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