Re: Shrinking adhesions?

From: Bea Selwood (
Tue Dec 9 07:35:34 2003

Hello Midwich Sally, Thanks for your message of encouragement. Had my post-lap. appointment last week, which was a revelation. My doc is convinced that the adhesion pattern I showed was typical of chlamydia-induced PID! But there was absolutely no signs of any active infection (which figures, because my partner and I are a seriously "Stay At Home" couple!) And then the surprise - he said that the adhesions looked very old, and that I had probably contracted the disease about 20 years ago. I had no idea that chlamydia can go totally undetected, and that the body can eradicate its active component. I also never had the severe abdominal pain associated with PID, but you can also get "silent PID" where there are no symptoms at all! But here's the scary part, its side-effects can remain dormant in the body for decades, until something like illness or stress triggers it off. Apparently there were signs of new adhesions forming and all my internal organs were seriously inflamed, accounting for the bloating. I am now on antibiotics, which I think are slowly taking effect. But of course I'm feeling guilty about having had an STD 20 years ago that I knew nothing about, has long gone and hasn't harmed anyone else. I'm just hopeful that once the infection has gone, I will be as oblivious of my adhesions as I was for the past 20 years! My best wishes to all fellow sufferers. Kiwi Bea

At Mon, 8 Dec 2003, wrote: >
>Dear Newcomer,
>I was diagnosed with chronic adhesions that had 'wrapped' themselves
>around my fallopian tubes and were making them adhere to the outside of
>my uterus and all sorts of horrible things. I was told I could never
>have children, and perhaps IVF could help. IVF couldn't and wouldn't
>help because they too went in and had a look and found me full of
>adhesions as well.

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