Re: Surgery scheduled April 11, 2003

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Apr 5 18:31:30 2003

At Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Sue wrote: >
>Hi All:
>I haven't posted for a couple of weeks because I was feeling better and
>then wham! I got sick again over the weekend. This time much worse.
>Went to doc and had ultrasound done. What a surprise to find that I had
>multiple cysts on my ovary. They are doing pain mapping under conscious
>sedation and then they are going to remove my only ovary left. Also if
>necessary, they will take my appendix and my gall bladder. I won't know
>anything till I wake up from surgery. I pray that this solves my
>problem. After 10 years of suffering and 8 surgeries, I am so tired of
>fighting. I lost my mother in September of 2002, so this will be much
>more difficult for me to go through. I have my husband and my father,
>but no one can replace a mother. The one good thing is that I have
>excellent doctors. My obgyn doc will be doing most of the surgery,
>however if there are adhesions on my bowel or my appendix or gall
>bladder needs to be removed, the gen surgereon will take over.
>Fortunately this gen surgereon is the one who operated on Christopher
>Reeves a couple of weeks ago. So if he is good enough for Superman,
>he's good enough for me. HA HA. Please pray for me!

Dear Sue, Hi, dear, its Sally Grigg.  We've never spoken here but I wanted to share
my experiences with you and agree  with others who are cautioning you to wait.
Adhesions are tricky, horrible things as you probably already know. Most surgeries
do more harm than good. If you go to my story on the board and to other stories
you will see that most of us would have been far better off without the original surgery
that started a lot of our pains. I thought I was in great distress from monthly pain
from fiboids. At the time I had adhesions too, but didn't know it. Anyway, after the
surgery by someone I thought to be an expert, I was truly in great distress. My previous
pain had been nothing compared to what came next. I don't want to scare you and you may need
surgery, but adhesion surgery is an incredibly complicated specialty and is only being done
adequately by a handful of doctors in the world. If you have adhesions or think you have them,
please do not go forward without more research.  I'm sorry to be "so heavy", but its incredibly
important. Take care and much love, Sally Grigg

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