Here we go again

From: Robin Duffy (
Sat Apr 5 16:34:18 2003

I am so sick of this cycle and so tired of spending hours in the radiology department drinking barium. I am so tired of throwing up and losing weight. I am so tired of the pain and the lose of sleep and the lose of sanity that goes along with the adhesion stuff.

But I will go on, and I hope that the result will show that I am not totally blocked down low, since I am passing some gas at this point I don't see that I could be. and I haven't perforated yet so that is a good sign, and unless those dang things are pulling my intestines really taught I am not going to rip again. But, only God knows for sure.

Oh, well venting over, hair pulled back for those emergency runs to the bathroom and keep pushing the fluids to get that darn barium out of me so it doesn't cause its own problems.

Sorry so many are here at this place, but happy that this place is here for so many.

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