From: Sally Grigg (LostCst@mcn.org)
Sat Apr 5 18:49:30 2003

At Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Judy Kemp wrote: >
>Hi Heidi,
>Wow, sounds like you are going through alot. I am sure I'm not alone
>in admiring
>your courage and also commending you for "not letting depression get
>that far".
>So hang in there!
>It sounds like you have way more than one doc can address (NOT to imply
>that that is what you were even trying to do...), but simply an idea
>here that
>might help. Perhaps gather your thoughts and arrange them so that one
>type of doc can address a logical chunk. For example, a good GP can
>the depression with a medication that will not only help depression but
>one that
>also helps with pain AND anxiety (yes such meds exist). He/she can
>also help out with the arthritis pain with
>a new selective anti inflammatory and perhaps an over the counter
>medicine like glucosamine (that helps in your own repair of joints and
>also helps
>with arthritis pain).
>Obviously endo will require the help of a GOOD gyn. Note the emphasis
>good so you don't add to your list of problems.
>Another idea: how are you sleeping? Sounds like a bunch of stress in
>life aside from the pain - all of which can keep you from getting
>enough and/or
>a restful sleep. Sleep deprivation in turn, leaves you much more
>sensitive to
>pain, and so the vicious cycle goes.
>Maybe think about listing all of your concerns on a sheet of paper.
>Then prioritize
>them either by group or individually. Then bring this list to your
>doctor(s) and
>say something like "I know we can not address all of this today, that
>is why
>I prioritized my concerns, but I wanted you to have my list as well as
>we work
>through these issues."
>Wishing you all the best, Judy
>On Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 08:32 PM, Heidi Jo wrote:
>> Hello. I have been suffering from endometrosis, pelvic pain, IBS, I
>> was
>> in a major car accident 3/02, and I was assaulted 12/02. So, I'm in a
>> lot of pain. I feel like I've been bouncing around to too many doctors
>> because I am in so much pain and I don't feel like any of them are
>> paying me the attention that they should. One doctor told me to not
>> wear my seatbelt any longer because I complained that it hurts my left
>> shoulder when I drive...???.
>> After my car accident in 2002 I was seeing a back doctor and all she
>> did
>> for me was hand over Talacen narc and put a tens unit on me three-four
>> times a week. She felt that I abuised the pain medication and stopped
>> it immediately. I went right into a rehab center and got off the
>> medication. Yeah for getting off the narc, crap because I am in more
>> pain then I was the day after my car accident! I have been seeing
>> doctors because of the pain and they write me a script for Vicodin and
>> pat me on the head and send me away until I cannot tolerate the pain
>> any
>> longer.
>> I saw a pain doctor and he feels that my pain is not real..."oh
>> really?"
>> He had me on medication that took the pain away so I could lead a more
>> normal life and then since I didn't have a bone sticking out of my neck
>> took them off of me. Now I am in an extreme amount of pain and I
>> really
>> don't know what to do. My orthopedic doctor, neurologist, GYN, and
>> family practice doctors all have notes that were faxed over to them
>> from
>> this pain doctor telling then NOT to give me any more pain medication.
>> When I go to the doctors now they all look at me like I am this crazy
>> woman who thinks she has pain.
>> My orthopedic got my results back from my MRI on my knee and he said,
>> "Yes, you still (after one year) have a contusion to your right knee
>> and
>> that can be extremely painful." Okay, what did I miss there...painful?
>> There is no excuse for them not treating me for suffering in this great
>> amount of pain.
>> The pain has controlled my life and I do not know what to do. I am a
>> single mother and have a six year old little girl who is my everything.
>> Her father does nothing for her except see her every other weekend. I
>> have to be able to function and get along through out the day.
>> I found over the internet a new pain management group of doctors and
>> have an appointment next week. My question is, I feel like this is it.
>> If they can't help me here then there is no hope for me. I will have
>> to
>> suffer for the rest of my life.
>> My father killed himself dec 99 because he suffered from so much pain
>> through out his life and I REFUSE TO GET MYSELF TO THAT LEVEL OF
>> I have so many problems, nerve problems, arthritis, IBS, endometrosis,
>> back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, collar bone was
>> fractured they think and it didn't ever heal back right. I need some
>> guideance.
>> Please help, please.
>> Thank you for letting me share and I do look forward to your responces.
>> --
>> Heidi
>> http://www.adhesions.org/forums/listcmds.htm

Dear Heidi, Judy's message sounds helpful. I'm sorry you have to go through so much
pain and agony. And to be labeled as a narcotics seeker when you truly are in
pain is not fair, but then the world is often not fair. I think we've all learned that.
But the idea of a list and prioritizing your problems may help. And seeing new doctors who are not
sent the information from the old one who treated you badly is also a good idea.
To have a doctor ruin any hope of pain control by telling other doctors not to
administer relief to you certainly could be depressing. I'm glad you have such a lovely
daughter. Keep on trying. Go to new doctors and leave the neagative reports out of
the situation. Many people want second or third opinions and refuse to say who they have been
to before for very valid reasons. Keep your chin up. There are many past emails here about seeking
pain control, so browse through the past and seek out more information. There is
a treasure trove of information already here. With kindest regards, Sally

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