Re: Surgery scheduled April 11, 2003

From: Carolyn J Meadows (
Sat Apr 5 18:53:53 2003

Sue, I agree with everything Sally says, the less surgery the better. You know Dr. Kruschinski is a gyn., he went to Frankfurt when Sally and I was there to do a hysterectomy. I'm sure Sally will agree with me, Dr. Kruschinski is our "superman" The best in my opinion. aml Carolyn

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> At Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Sue wrote:
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> >Hi All:
> >
> >I haven't posted for a couple of weeks because I was feeling better and
> >then wham! I got sick again over the weekend. This time much worse.
> >Went to doc and had ultrasound done. What a surprise to find that I had
> >multiple cysts on my ovary. They are doing pain mapping under conscious
> >sedation and then they are going to remove my only ovary left. Also if
> >necessary, they will take my appendix and my gall bladder. I won't know
> >anything till I wake up from surgery. I pray that this solves my
> >problem. After 10 years of suffering and 8 surgeries, I am so tired of
> >fighting. I lost my mother in September of 2002, so this will be much
> >more difficult for me to go through. I have my husband and my father,
> >but no one can replace a mother. The one good thing is that I have
> >excellent doctors. My obgyn doc will be doing most of the surgery,
> >however if there are adhesions on my bowel or my appendix or gall
> >bladder needs to be removed, the gen surgereon will take over.
> >Fortunately this gen surgereon is the one who operated on Christopher
> >Reeves a couple of weeks ago. So if he is good enough for Superman,
> >he's good enough for me. HA HA. Please pray for me!
> >
> >--
> >Sue
> >
> --
> Dear Sue, Hi, dear, its Sally Grigg. We've never spoken here but I wanted
to share > my experiences with you and agree with others who are cautioning you to
wait. > Adhesions are tricky, horrible things as you probably already know. Most
surgeries > do more harm than good. If you go to my story on the board and to other
stories > you will see that most of us would have been far better off without the
original surgery > that started a lot of our pains. I thought I was in great distress from
monthly pain > from fiboids. At the time I had adhesions too, but didn't know it. Anyway,
after the > surgery by someone I thought to be an expert, I was truly in great
distress. My previous > pain had been nothing compared to what came next. I don't want to scare
you and you may need > surgery, but adhesion surgery is an incredibly complicated specialty and
is only being done > adequately by a handful of doctors in the world. If you have adhesions or
think you have them, > please do not go forward without more research. I'm sorry to be "so
heavy", but its incredibly > important. Take care and much love, Sally Grigg

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