Re: Spent last night at urgent care facility again...

From: deni wiser (
Tue Jul 23 20:08:53 2002

Bev, the doctors did not say weather the sdhesions were affecting the wayt that my liver worked or not. How did we find them? well my adheshions get so bad that I have masses that actually stick out of my stomach. They are quite noticible and painful, again only after a year the mass is back and very very painfull. My doctor says that when i need to come in to do so. with my extream case of adhesions they know what it is as soon as we all find a mass along with the pain. They tear sometimes aswell and the pain from that is horrifying ! ! If a doctor was to do an internal ultrasound through the vaginal wall it DOES show up on ultrasound. when they did this to me they were in shock because they could not find anything ! ! the normal body organs, there was nothing but a whitish tissue on the screen. There is not test to see about the liver though, mine is a mass the size of a baseball !! that is how i know what it is. Your liver could be inflamed due to the fact that you had your gallbladder taken out as I also did. When this happens it makes the liver work tripple time what it would normally do. But the adhesions wrapped around it would cause great swelling of the liver. Think of it as a bowel obstrustion. If adhesion is wrapped around it, it is going to squeeze it off. Sometimes I think we all should rally around the white house proclaiming doctors stupitity when it comes to this matter. I once told my doctor that I had adhesions wrapped around my bladder and urinary organs....they did not believe me and treated me for a simple bladder infection. I could not pee without pushing, and even today the pain is bad. I wish you all the luck, I am with you in tears and in prays ! ! Denise >

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