Re: Spent last night at urgent care facility again...

Tue Jul 23 21:36:37 2002

Denise, About the inflamation in and around my liver, I had that before they ever removed my gallbladder. I can clearly see how removing it would put a much bigger work load on the liver. I too have had this knot about the size of a golfball where my liver is and it swells and it feels like my area there is just going to explode .It feels as though someone has fillrd a balloon full of water too tightly and it is very painful!!! I am sorry for all of your pain. I think all that a doctor thinks of a patient when they have a history of adhesions internally is "Well I didn't cause the problem, this pt. . has chronic problems and I don't want to deal with it!" Most docs just want these patients to go away. They immediately give you the old"Nothing can be done surgically unless you have a serious obstruction, Surgery just make more and maybe even worse adhesions." They offer nothing for pain as they say they would never want for you to get hooked on pain medication and send you home in tears. You feel so hopeless and sick on top of all of that. . That is just plain cruel! It was trusting doctors that got us into much of these adhesion problems, but after they have done the surgery that they have recomended half the time on you for something that you didn't really ever need to begin with in an attempt to so call fix the problem that is giving you all the pain, they have just created another set of problems to suffer through. It's a vicious cycle. They should have more doctors out there who are specially trained to treat pelvic and abdominal adhesions. It appears to be a great need for them. Thanks for letting me vent. . It is just so dishearting for people to have to spend all this money that many people cannot afford, have a million unecssary test time after time and still recieve no answers and no help . I am just really tired and sick this evening as we all are. I am usually the one people come to for encouragement and hope. I will pray for all of us to find the strength and courage to face tommorow. Fell better soon.------------BEV

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