More than one problem...

From: Sherry (
Tue Jul 23 20:09:47 2002

OK, I have had 7 surgeries for adhesions and their related problems. Since I had my gallbladder removed my last surgery due to the adhesions completely encasing it, I am assuming the right sided rib and back pain is due to the adhesions. From reading everyone's posts, the stories are so similiar. Let me switch gears here for a minute, I also have migraines and was put on an anti-siezure medication and as I was to increase the medicine is when I remembered, that my legs started hurting and tingleing. I called the neurologist and sure enough that is a severe side effect of the medication. I had already started decreasing the medication and after talking with the doctor, I have tapered off the medication. Do you believe my legs already feel better? I am so happy. Now if I could just find a way to rid us of our adhesion pain I would be the happiest person in the world! We have such a difficult disease because we cannot see it, but we sure can feel it. When you're in pain you can get depressed, we are on medications, we usually have other medical problems, there is only one sure thing, the place I come to feel accepted, to listen, to cry, and to hope that one day we will be pain free. With Love, Sherry

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