Re: Spent last night at urgent care facility again...

Tue Jul 23 07:15:07 2002

Denise, Did your doctor say that the adhesions wrapped around your liver was affecting your livers ability to function properly? What did he do about it when he found this? Did he find this through a Lap and did he do a biopsy of the liver? I am wondering as I have pain in this area constantly.I have had this for ten years.The docs have done lots of ultrasounds and scans. Of course adhesions don't show up for the most part by this method. I have had my gallbladder out and it was full of scar tissue and inflamation. I have had six full open surgeries of my abdomen over the years, two were c-sections and the third was for hyst and adhesion removal,Fourth was to remove ovaries and scar tissue, They left an ovary behind ,but noted it was removed.They found lots of endo and ovarian cyst.The next was to remove the ovary that was left behind and more endo and on and on.I wonder if my liver funtion is being affected by all the scar tissue and inflamation? I will ask my doc about this on my next visit. . My liver enzymes are elevated and I have been on antinflamatories for three years(CELEBREX and MOBIC) I try to not take them but the pain gets so bad and my sed rate gets high as well as my C-Reactive protein level and my rheumy does not believe in pain meds. I also have I.C. with lots of bladder pain! Any experience with this? I just wonder how many people with a long history of adhesions have had this happen to them? My viral hepatitis profiles have been done over the years and always come back negative thank goodness! Let me hear how you are doing in your new home and coping? Doctors want to run away when you say you have painful abdominal adhesions.Thanks for listening!!!----------BEV

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