Re: Scared Sad and Very Concerned.

From: Janice Simpson (
Tue Jul 23 19:41:18 2002

Dear Tish, I am very sorry you and your Mom are going through this. Sometimes life doesn't seem fair does it? I hope you get some relief from your pain and your Mom's test is negative for cancer. You both are in my prayer now and always. Please let us know how things go and you take care of yourself too. Your friend, Jan

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Hi Everyone, I hope and pray that this finds you all at least comfy today.. Myself i havent had very many good days lately..the pain has just been horrendous...Im on the duragesic patches with lorcet for Neurontin and Wellbutrin...and i have terrible pain right below my belly button thats kind of new..and very very hard to the leg pain and groin pain and the weakness in my left leg..i dont see my Dr til Aug 13th and thats just the pain Dr..i know he will want to try the nerve blocks since the pain is worse..and i am about to the point that i will do whatever i have to do to get some relief. But right now my concern is more with my make a long story short..she is a 8 year Breast Cancer survivor..and about a week and a half ago she was eating an apple and choked on after i got to her..we went to the ER and they in turn sent her to an Ear Nose and Throat Dr..he looked down her throat (She is very hoarse now after the choking incident) So he said that half of her vocal chords are completely paralyzed, and he said there are only two reasons your vocal chords will become paralyzed one from a stroke..and two from a tumor pushing against the chords he is very concerned that her cancer has returned and metastasized to her throat..or lungs...and so tomorrow we will be having a CT scan and he will tell us which one of these two options has caused the paralysis..So i am asking you all to please remember us in your prayers.. I still remember everyone in mine as well..i have just been in such awfu pain..that i havent been able to get on the computer and write to you all very often. Thank You all for always being there for me.. God Bless Us all .. And send us all some pain free days.....PLEASE> Always Hugs and Love TISH.

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