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From: Tami (
Sun Jul 21 20:56:30 2002

Hello fellow suffers, I've been away for awhile due to so much pain. I had the bladder scope thing done last week and have been diagonsed with Intersistal Cysistis (I am probably misspelling this again). Anyway I now have to go into the Urologists office once a week for the next 5 and have medication placed into the bladder thru a catheter...Friday I had a Colonoscopy and was told by that Dr that I have a Unusually large opening into where the appendix used to be. He said it was so large he was able to place the scope inside, something he has never been able to do before. Also I have a Spastic Colon. He stated the the hole can get food substance hung in the opening and cause some major pain.. He immediately stated he was going to call my surgeon. And last but not least, I have alot of ahdesions, because he had alot of trouble getting the scope thru the intestines due to the adhesions...Suprise. My surgeon when he told me he wanted to rule and any problems with the bladder and the intestines before we do another surgery to remove the adhesions. I told them there was nothing else wrong with me except adhesion pain. I guess I can thank him for doing the tests, because there is something wrong with both the bladder and intestines...I have always had pain on the right side. Probably for at least 10 to 15 years. I had a laproscopy for adhesions and endometriosis in 1985 and the Dr. removed my appendix at that time. Well thanks for letting me whine again. I appreciate you support so much. My anti-depression medication isn't working yet. I am now on Methadone, Neurontin, Celexa, and Pamelor at night. I am curious if anyone else is on any of these medication and if they have help you any???? I am having such difficuty working, and I just recently went back to 8 hours a day. I can't hardly make it all day. Thanks for listening, Love to all, Tami

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