Re: Thanks for your support

Mon Jul 22 08:13:49 2002

Dear Tammy, I just read your post, & I also just had surgery #14, & I'm 37 years old, had these awful Adhesions since 16,But anyways you asked about the medications, I was on the methadone for 1 year & it did not help me at all, but it has helped others, the meds that helped me the most was one called meperozine, it has demerol & phenergan(because I was nauseated alot due to intetinal adhesions) & also the Duragesic patches, but at the highest dose, & Lortab 10- 500, for breakthrough pain seems to work best for me..... Right now I'm not taking all that , I just had surgery on th 12th & dont relly need it right now, just the Lortab right now is working fine for the surgery pain, well sorry I babbled on so much it just hurts my heart to know we all have to hurt soooo much due to these nasty Adhesions, & NO-ONE can possibly understand but another Adhesion suffer, Its just terrible, well girl feel free to call on me for any advice & know I'm here for you my name is Angie & I'm on the Quilt & bombobeach, with just a small version of my story, cause that could take a liftime to tell ita all happened over a lifetime so you know it takes forever to get all the story down, I'm here & understand becuse everytime I have a urine test come back there is always blood in it not visable & thats kinda scarey couple of times its been visable on one of my really terrible days, Oh well baby, I'm praying for you , I'm here if you need to whine complain, piss & moan................Love & sweet hugs.........Angie

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