Re: Thanks for your support

Tue Jul 23 10:05:55 2002

I've taken the Pamelor and I got no relief what so ever. I know how bad the pain is. I had Surgery for the removal of Adhesions and to take out part of my intestine on the 29th of April and then on the 15th of May they did Surgery again, all together they took out 43 inches of my Small Intestine and an 8 inch piece of my Colon and I'm no better today than I was when I went into the hospital in April. I stayed in there for 38 days. I've lost 50.5 pounds since Surgery and I just can't get any relief at all. The Doc told me yesterday that I might not ever get any better since they took so much of my bowel out, then one day he told me that they might have to take more of the intestine out and then the next week he said if they opened me up again it could kill me. But then pain has not eased up at all. I've always told myself that I didn't have depression from all this, I just would like to function half-way normally for a 38 year old wife and Mother. Sorry to vent all of this on you. Wishing a wonderful and PainFree Day, Bobbi

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