Re: Thanks for your support

Tue Jul 23 10:46:13 2002

Bobbi, My dear sweet friend, I too have went through some of the same things you have experianced, so please feel free to e-mail me personally & we can share ...I surely know your pain, & I just had surgery #14 on july the 12(Laprotomy) due to the darn Adhesions I was going 27 days with no bowel movements & just couldnt take the pain any longer without thoughts of just wanting God to just take me so I could have peace, Adhesions ARE miserable, & I like you never have felt depressed, just pissed that there is not a darn thing we can do about them except have surgeries to clean them out when they get so bad you cant bear it, Well please know I'm praying for you & wish I could take all your pain away, God Bless sweetie, Please feel free to e-mail me &complain all you want & I'll still love ya, cause I know all to well how you feel................ Love, & tender hugs.......................Angie

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