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Sun Feb 25 20:54:52 2001

Toni, Cheer up. LOL. You have a friend in the exact same boat as you are, and it's getting worse. This morning when I tried to go, the stool was so hard, I thought I'd die. I used a Dulcolax suppository, and 3 Tbsp. of Haley's M O. I finally went some, but tonight I have such pain and my stomach feels so hard, and it's awful to even get rid of gas. Probably labor pains wouldn't be this bad, but I'll never know. I have had pain all along. It feels as if something is ready to twist up and burst. I am afraid as to where this is headed. Tomorrow I'm going to try to find someone to see me, because I don't like the way I feel. I still think I'm full of adhesions. I so envy these lucky people who were operated on by Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich. I went to see Dr. Redan 2 days ago, but really to no avail. He spent about 10 minutes with me. I quickly had made a list of questions , but he scanned them, and said I basically reworded them. He looked at the scar and said it looked good. Then he pressed around it. He said it may take up to3 months to heal from a hyst, then maybe he'd take a look. I am so disappointed, because my luck is so rotten. I hurried to get the paperwork and insurance card copies faxed to his office, thinking I'd be lucky enough to get an appointment with him. Now I guess I can go on suffering, and probably end up with more surgery done by God-knows - who. And that scares me even more. Now I have either a sinus infection, or a head cold, probably because my resistance is so low. Everytime I sneeze, it makes things even worse. I am afraid to take anything else, too when I have this kind of pain. Toni, when you've had bowel obstructions, did they find them on regular xrays? When they put in the n.g. tube, were yu vomiting that they had to use it? I am so afraid of that. Ever since the hyst, I have only had 2 days with decent bm's. And one of them was in the hospital. I am extremely resentful towards her because she laughed this off back in early Feb. Around the 8th. She called me her colicky baby. I am spitting mad over it. Now here it's gone on since then, so God knows what's going on inside there. I am honestly ready to give up on life. I don't want to go on like this. I don't want to end up with an ostomy due to that surgery. I have about had it. I didn't get out of bed until 10:30 today because I was awake every hour on the hour, and with constant pain.And it nearly killed me when I tried to go this morning. I have the same feeling tonight, but maybe more so. Millie

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> I have been trying to get on here for hours, and it would not come up. I
> have been having alot of cramping in the upper part of my stomach, not
> the lower, since Friday evening. I have been eating the same, and the
> gas has been moving out all week end, and it usually doesn't. But
> around five o'clock tonight, I was trying to fix some dinner, and I
> thought I had gas to pass, and it was all mucous. I went to go to the
> bathroom, and the stool was thin and clear liquid, very little, and then
> I tried to go, and I had some trouble being able to go, like someone put
> a plug up there. I did get very small, and thin stool, very little
> though, and since then I cannot pass any gas.. This cramping has been
> going on since Friday, and I have just taken it easy. I am alittle
> scared though, I do not want to go to ER unless I have to.
> I have been sipping on coke, and that has settle my nerves, it is
> caffeine free. I will call the dr tomorrow if this continues though. I
> hate to bother anyone but I am scared for the first time in awhile, I
> have not had that cramping and gas in the upper part of my bowels, I
> guess!
> Hope to hear from someone, I am having trouble getting the forum to come
> up though, but I am going to try later tonight, I took another shower ,
> I guess I am afraid something is wrong!
> Love to all of you,
> Toni
> I did take senekot to move bowels, and they moved Friday, normally I
> take it again tonight, but I am afraid to woth the cramping. I do not
> know what to do, I feel like the bowel has stopped working again, I know
> it didn't stop working, but it feels funny, and I cannot go!
> Sorry to ramble trying to explain the feeling. Sort of feels bubbly
> sometimes, and it has hurt all week end pretty bad.

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