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Sun Feb 25 20:36:10 2001


It is in your best interest to give your body time to heal before they will go in and try an adhesiolysis. Your body really needs to recover before they even can determine that the pain you are having is adhesions and not surgical. I have often had to wait at least six months between surgeries before the doctor would consider going in. It doesn't matter how much pain you are in....just if it is an emergency situation.

You will be amazed at how you can wait! I joined this group in November of 1999. I told Bev that there was no way that I could wait until February to have my surgery. I knew that I would die before than....or that if I had to suffer anymore I would kill myself. Next thing I knew it was April and still no surgery....then July and while I was scheduled for surgery on the 12th...I had problems with cardiac and respiratory arrest and the surgery was aborted. At that time I just wanted to die...because there was NO way in hell I could continue to livein the pain I was in. I have rather impatiently waited for the surgery to be rescheduled....and the first one has.....April 2nd. I have known about it since the beginning of January and feel that there is no way that I can handle the pain until that time. And the pain is intense...even the morphine is not helping. No, I cannot make it that long....I will die....but somehow I do make it.....and you can too!

God Bless!


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> Dawn, > I am going to see what I can do tomorrow, if I hold up that long. This > morning I was so severely constipated that I thought I'd die. I took a > Dulcolax suppository, which helped some, and 3 Tablespoons of Haley's M O, > with water. I had a little loose stool this afternoon. My insides hurt so > bad, I just have to lie down. The e.r. Dr. the other night was very > smart-mouthed to me. I told him it looks like I will have to find new Drs. > I feel so bad that when I went to Scranton to see Dr. Redan, who is very > nice- that he felt he couldn't help me right now. I hurried and got the > paperwork faxed to his office, along with the medical records he wanted, > only to be turned away for now. I don't know what to do, because the ob/gyn > did nothing when I saw her on Feb,8. Here all this time has gone by. I'm so > bitter and disgusted. I so wish I was one of those lucky people that Dr. > Redan could help. Nothing is going right for me. > Millie

>> ----- Original Message ----- > From: <> > To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" > <> > Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2001 11:02 AM > Subject: Re: Robin > > > Millie > > > > I think I am about at thesame point you are no one has done anything > so > > far I can not eat anything I drink alot of water to try and keep my bowels > > moving a little it had been 6 days and finally yesterday morning I had a > very > > small one but that is very painful and it is very difficult to pass gas at > > all. Right now I try to make it day by day some days are sever and some > days > > aren"t so bad. I am really hoping I can get a referral back to the dr that > > was helping me.Can you get one from an er dr? > > > > Dawn > > >

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