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From: Sally Grigg (
Sun Feb 25 20:55:58 2001

Dear Millie, you have every right to feel angry, but it's only hurting you. Even though your "medical helpers" have been awful, I find that when I get angry, I hurt ,and hurt and hurt some more.I know its hard, but you have found this site now and for your own sake please try to let the anger go, even if it's visualizing your doctor floating up, up ,and away out of earth's gravitational field. With love and caring, Sally Grigg

Millie wrote:

> Hi.I understand where you're coming from about some of these Drs. I
> had a TAH by one of those kind on Jan.29. I have gotten worse it the
> past 3 weeks, instead of improving. She took out all but the right
> ovary. But she said everything she took looked pretty good, including
> the pathology. She was supposed to have removed adhesons from around
> the bowel and put in Interceed. She saw endometriosis, but apparently
> chose not to do anything about that. When I told her 1 - 2 weeks ago
> that I was having abdominal pain, she looked in my old records - never
> mind the fact she hacked me up - and said it is irritable bowel. Then
> she proceeded to laugh and call me her "colicky baby." I am totally
> mortified. I have such awful constant pain, and more bowel
> trouble, only to be ignored. I am hoping nothing happens to me,
> because this Friday I am supposed to meet Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan. I
> pray they can help me. Dr. Redan has been very good about calling me
> or emailing me when I have questions. I can understand how Jim feels
> . I can understand how you feel about that surgeon. I cannot do much
> of anything yet, and right now I don't see anything changing for the
> better. Things like this can change you forever, and not for the
> better. I am sure I am already full of adhesions. I sent a handwritten
> med. records request to that hospital to get a copy of the pathology
> report, as well as copies of my records from her. I want to see what
> kind of bull she wrote. They told me I don't have to go through her to
> get them. I don't know if I can ever look at her again. It's a bad way
> to feel. The gastro from the same clinic told his whole dept. not to
> take ANY messages from me until I saw their clinic psychologist, even
> if I felt it was an emergency . And they were the ones who referred me
> to that ob/gyn. ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY. Once some time ago, their male
> nurse practitioner said ,"Did you have your uterus ripped out, yet?"
> I should have ran like Hell then. Thanks for listening to me, but some
> of these Drs. make you so angry.Millie

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> From: edward vinson
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> Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 3:43 PM
> Subject: Dr. Redan
> Hi Jim,I am sure you feel out numbered on this site but I
> wanted you to know that my father also suffers from
> adhesions, he is 73 years old and in excellent health
> though. He doesn't have adhesions to the extent I do (and
> apparently you) but every time he has had surgery they come
> out saying (adhesions were a contributing factor). His last
> surgery was for a hernia and his surgeon "only wanted to
> repair it when it is mandatory" which I found ludicrous
> considering my father's age, etc. but it became "mandatory"
> and when he went it he found adhesions had become entangled
> with the hernia making the situation and pain my father was
> going through worse. I felt like telling the doctor
> sarcastically "what a surprise" but I didn't since my father
> likes this surgeon and he is actually very good with dad,
> even though I can't stand him. Just a note to let you know
> you are not the lone man suffering and I am very sorry you
> have been going through what you have. Even though I am a
> woman I can empathize with you and wish you painfree life
> soon. Sincerely,ann-georgia

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