From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Sun Feb 25 18:21:59 2001

I have been trying to get on here for hours, and it would not come up. I have been having alot of cramping in the upper part of my stomach, not the lower, since Friday evening. I have been eating the same, and the gas has been moving out all week end, and it usually doesn't. But around five o'clock tonight, I was trying to fix some dinner, and I thought I had gas to pass, and it was all mucous. I went to go to the bathroom, and the stool was thin and clear liquid, very little, and then I tried to go, and I had some trouble being able to go, like someone put a plug up there. I did get very small, and thin stool, very little though, and since then I cannot pass any gas.. This cramping has been going on since Friday, and I have just taken it easy. I am alittle scared though, I do not want to go to ER unless I have to.

I have been sipping on coke, and that has settle my nerves, it is caffeine free. I will call the dr tomorrow if this continues though. I hate to bother anyone but I am scared for the first time in awhile, I have not had that cramping and gas in the upper part of my bowels, I guess!

Hope to hear from someone, I am having trouble getting the forum to come up though, but I am going to try later tonight, I took another shower , I guess I am afraid something is wrong!

Love to all of you, Toni

I did take senekot to move bowels, and they moved Friday, normally I take it again tonight, but I am afraid to woth the cramping. I do not know what to do, I feel like the bowel has stopped working again, I know it didn't stop working, but it feels funny, and I cannot go!

Sorry to ramble trying to explain the feeling. Sort of feels bubbly sometimes, and it has hurt all week end pretty bad.

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