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From: Bob (
Sat May 6 16:16:28 2000

I am sure this will sound familiar. My wife has had numerous surgeries, both open and scope, for adhesions. We have made trips to NY City and the Poconos to have it performed by the best Drs out there. She had nerves severed in her spine to elimante the pain only to have them "grow" (??) back and the pain return. In August of 1999 we were in Houston with 2 surgeons that were supposed to be the best. They were very caring and understanding. However, the pain is back along with bowel problems and we are being given the run around with attempts to treat it with diet change, clonopin, neurotin and of course pain killers, this time Stadol spray. I have been following the progress of both Intergel and ADCON-P and wish the FDA would hurry up. I guess the main thing I want some help on is if anyone know of any specific Dr. in Canada of Europe that will take on a patient from th US? This has been going on since 1994 and I have watched my wife, an RN, go throughsome much emotionally and physically that I am willing to do anything or go anywhere. She currently is so out there from the medications, it scares me. Bowel movements are rare and far between, she is swollen in the upper abdomen and they keep saying it is not blocked due to seeing the barium flow through ever so slightly on a GI series. I understand the Dr.s frustration, but they don't live with her. It is scaring the kids and family. Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Markford

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